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From Curious to Furious: Confessions of a Research Junkie

By Darlene Cah If you had told me when I was in high school or college that I would become addicted to research, I would have laughed in your face—I’m talking coffee-spraying-from-mouth laughed! It would have been hysterical (in the literal sense of the word), not to mention messy. I’ll blame my penchant for research […]

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Writer as Actor

By Darlene Cah One of the most important lessons I learned as an improv actor was to always enter a scene with an emotion. As improvisers we had no idea what the scene was about, or where it would go, who our characters were, and what they’re relationships were to each other. We figured it […]

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Goals for 2016 by Brad Windhauser

Goals for 2016 by Brad Windhauser I’m a scheduler, and setting goals (both large and small) keeps my work on track. Part of developing this particular skill means setting goals that are both important and reachable. This year, I have ensured that my goals are designed to accomplish my long term writing goal: be a […]

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5 writers Group Story – The Opening Scene by Brad Windhauser

5 writers Group Story – The Opening Scene by Brad Windhauser Gavin listens for neighbors on the sidewalk in the fall leaves, strains his ears for a car turning onto their street. A cricket chirps, and as he takes a deep breath, he can make out the rush of distant freeway traffic. The neighbor’s front […]

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ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Wake me When Something Happens

By Darlene Cah I had written humorous essays, sketch comedy and advertising copy, but always danced around fiction, too scared to really commit. Though, I’d tried to write short stories now and again, I knew they weren’t good, but had no idea why. Looking back, now with a tad more experience, I’d say they were […]

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